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People may not think of writing as work that can be hard on the body. But sitting at a computer for hours and hours, like I do most days, can take its toll. 

I visited Alabama Therapeutic Massage for relief from acute upper back and neck pain. Right away, Kristie examined my posture and began diagnosing what caused this pain. Her strengths as a massage therapist include an encompassing knowledge of the body and its muscles, as well as communication skills.  Throughout my hour-long session, Kristie explained what treatment she was doing and why. She asked how I felt and adjusted the treatment based on how my body responded. I was comfortable and trusted her from the moment I stepped into the room, which was relaxing and tidy. But knowing Kristie was personalizing the session with such care made me truly appreciate her work. 

Before I left, Kristie showed me stretches and positions I could do at home to prevent pain from returning. I left not only feeling better physically but with a new understanding of how I carry myself-- and how I can better maintain my body now so I don't experience further complications down the road. 

I recommend anyone within driving distance to an Alabama Therapeutic Massage location carve out time to let them care for you-- and teach you how to better care for yourself. 

Caleb Johnson-Author 




"When I started seeing Kristie Williams about two years ago, I could hardly turn my head from side to side. I was constantly having headaches. I tried every pillow on the market to find one that didn't hurt my neck. I had constant neck pain and I thought this was just how it was going to be. She has worked with me to find the right combination of therapy and exercise to keep me going. Most days I am pain free! I am grateful to Kristie for her expertise. She never stops learning and challenging herself to be the best so she can bring that excellence to her clients. "-Donna Walker, Cullman AL


"Kristie Williams LMT, NMT Certified Practitioner/Instructor has impressed me the very first time she evaluated an ongoing shoulder issue I had been dealing with. Kristie displayed the professionalism one would expect at her level; however what truly set her apart after my years of experience as a Chiropractor and working with Doctors who specialize in neuromuscular treatments nationwide, was her ability to use a very in depth evaluation of the area and a very unique approach with Neuromuscular Therapy. The evaluation and treatment was one of the most clinically relevant and proficient process I had experienced in 20 years. I am confident that Kristie will continue this highly specialized training in NMT to help hundreds of people and those that study under her will be given a great opportunity to effect even greater numbers."

Dr, Michael Marino


"Excellent Service and great staff!!! I highly recommend this place! When I came in with what I thought was just an extremely sore back due to attempting to play basketball against a bunch of kids half my age :p , turns out my hips were misaligned and Justin was able to recognize it and recommend me to a chiropractor! I was in sooo much pain and with their help I was able to get better and finally be able to move without hurting. The owner and staff truly act like they care about you!" Kat Parker-Cullman AL


"Ashley Wilson is the absolute best! Today was my second massage with her, and she added a little bit of “cupping” on my shoulders. She’s amazing and I would recommend her to anyone around!" Summer Smith-Cullman AL

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